MOR news // Challenges during assembly

To assemble a building in just 15 days is already a challenging task for 40 students with very little building experience. Add to this the theme of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 competition, renovation, and it starts getting a bit more complicated. However, we thought this challenge was not big enough yet, so we focussed on addressing issues faced currently by the Dutch Real estate sector.

Two major challenges are the huge amount of underperforming offices and the need for affordable rental housing. MOR proposes to transform these inefficient offices into net positive and mixed functions with affordable housing for starters. During the competition, we will showcase the innovative concept at a prototype level for the case study building, the Marconi Towers in Rotterdam. With the MOR concept, we demonstrate that existing structures have great potential for future use. The prototype is a cutout of the existing office tower and showcases the transformation into a 75 sq.m home and the shared amenities in the common area.

On arrival at the Solar Village in Szentendre, Hungary, the team was welcomed by the concrete structure for the prototype. The team began by measuring the existing structure, where we were confronted by some unexpected differences. The shape and size differed from the structure of the case study building with the height and width being larger as well as being slightly tilted. The team came together to creatively resolve the challenges to make the facade modules fit. This process took longer than planned and was the reason for a few delays.

These unexpected differences were a great learning experience for the team and tested our resilience to make this transformation successful. We heaved a sigh of relief when the final piece of the facade was placed and so far we were able to overcome the challenges thrown at us. Once again this demonstrates that “Together we can do MOR”!

All the facade modules are on!

Stay tuned for MOR news!