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The team has travelled to Hungary to start assembling the prototype here. It all started on Sunday the 23rd of June when the team took the bus to travel to Hungary. By this means of travel, we saved over 50% on CO2 emissions, save the planet! The next few days we explored Budapest and our new hometown for the coming month, Szentendre. After that we start with the assembly of the prototype, curious what we got up to?

Official opening assembly period

On Wednesday the 26th of June the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 officially started. That day we were warmly welcomed by the organisation, we met all the other teams and we received a health & safety training in order to work properly and safely on site.

Day 1

It was time for the BIG day on Thursday the 27th of June when the construction site was officially open to the teams to start the construction of their prototypes at the Solar Village. We all together ran to our site to take a first glace at the concrete structure. The theme of the SDE19 competition is all about renovation, that’s why the concrete structure of the office we are transforming into net positive and affordable housing is already there.

On day 1 we work on measuring the structure and putting down the grid line, you use these lines to measure where all the elements need to go. We also started with unloading the trucks with all our tools and elements for the prototype. During the first day a few team members learned how to operate a forklift, a scissor lift and also how to rigger.

Day 2

During the second day of construction, we made quite a bit of progress with drilling in all the bracket for the façade modules and prepared the bases for the interior walls to go in. Also, on the roof we worked on placing brackets which will be needed to attach the exterior walls to.

The team is working very hard to get the prototype built in just 15 days. We work from 7:00 until 23:00 in 2 shifts of 8 hours to get it done.

MOR vlog

Follow along with our process via the MOR vlog, where we show you what we are up to! The first one is already online and you can watch it by clicking here.

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