MOR news // The finish line

The last day of construction was incredibly hectic, but we are happy to announce that we got approved by the organisation just within the deadline time! One of the organisers complemented us on our incredibly fast cleaning, between 22:00 and 23:00 heaven and earth were moved to completely clean our site and put the furniture inside. Unfortunately for the other teams, not everyone passed the check up in time.

On the 12th of July, the competition was officially opened, there were speeches from the organisation, government officials and sponsors. After that, all teams were introduced to the VIP visitors (sponsors and government officials from the Hungarian government and different embassies). When the ceremony ended, all VIPs were guided through all the houses and were able to see all the different accomplishments. After the tours, we made amazing drone videos and photos of the building and the team. Then we went through the entire house, every person explained the part they worked on, so the team could formulate their public tour story a bit more specific. Afterwards, we started with finishing some last things inside and fix the ramp towards the elevator.

Since Saturday the 13th the public tours have started, and already we had a lot of excited and impressed visitors. The next two weeks there will be more public tours and next to that there is, of course, the competition itself. For most competitions a jury will visit the house and the team members connected to the contest will give a presentation. After most jury visits, the next day there will be a ceremony revealing the scores that every team got. During the entire competition weeks, certain measurements and tests will be performed and the entire performance of the building will be monitored. More information about the contest can be found here.

During the end ceremony on the 28th of July the scores of this monitoring and tests will be revealed and the last jury scores and we will hear whether MOR can call itself the winner of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019!