Interview with Brink Management // Advies

An important part of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 competition is proving the feasibility of our project. Three members of the MOR-team are working together with Brink Management / Advies on the business case. Brink is partnering with MOR since August 2018 and they were the first partner of the team. We are really thankful for the support we have received from them so far.

Want to know MOR about Brink? Find out more about them in the interview below!

From left to right: Anurag, Charitini, Corina Regales, Evi van Rijn, Khushboo

1. What is the core business of Brink Management / Advies?

Real estate with all its challenges: that’s our thing. It’s what we were born to do. It’s why we sat in lecture halls. We’ve spent years gaining the necessary experience. We’ve sacrificed everything for it. So that we can be close to it, time after time again. Standing right next to it. To be part of it. Actually, we’re devoted to real estate.

When we talk about real estate, we’re using the term in its broadest sense. From development to operation, from construction to infrastructure, from investment to use. Real estate affects all areas of society. It affects ‘the use’, ‘the building’, ‘the finance’, ‘the whole’. And real estate affects us.

We have more than a hundred real estate specialists. And they can furthermore call in the support of more than a hundred other specialized colleagues within the Brink Groep. Established in 1972. Since then, we’ve been working for every kind of organisation in the supply chain of construction, facilities and real estate. From developers to owners and users. From construction and infrastructure companies to public authorities. From national to local.

MOR shows how we can make buildings future-proof for it’s dynamic environment.

Brink Management/Advies

2. What do you find the most interesting about MOR project?

MOR pushes the boundaries on topics like sustainability, modularity, renovation, circularity, technology and users. We find that challenging! A cookie-cutter approach is not applicable here. MOR is bringing different backgrounds and knowledge together. To show how we can make buildings future-proof for its dynamic environment. It’s a challenge facing everyone within the real estate industry (sooner or later).

3. How is Brink Management / Advies involved in the project?

MOR deals with challenging topics. We think with the team to help solve these puzzles. By sharing our knowledge in real estate, by bringing in our experts and by meeting regularly. We enjoy brainstorming about how to shape the business case, how to measure the feasibility and how to make concepts like circularity, modularity and sustainability tangible within a project.

4. How would you define sustainability in the built environment?

To us, sustainability is the effort and ability to build for both the present and the future use. We live in a dynamic world where demands, people and technology are continuously changing. This is a contrast with the static nature of the built environment. Sustainability is about closing this gap. To create a built environment which can react to the ever-changing surroundings and by doing so in a way that positively affects our current and future environment.

5. How can we achieve this?

We achieve this by working towards the same goal. And by making this goal clear and tangible throughout all phases of the built environment. This requires out-of-the-box thinking. New collaborations. Innovative business models. New strategies. Not just by discussing, but by acting on it. Therefore we need to understand how the built environment works and how it can contribute to sustainability.