MOR news // The constuction phase part 1

The first month of site preparation and construction is done. It all started with an empty patch of sand and a month later we have finished building the concrete structure of our prototype. This MOR news will take you through our process of the first month on the construction site.


Before the groundworks started on the building site

The preparation for the prototype started with measuring out the dimensions of the foundation. After this was done, Van Der Ent his digger did all the hard work for us. Leaving the team with a hole that was a lot bigger then we imagened. This hole needed to be filled with insulation and steel reinforcement.

To make sure the concrete structure is in exactly the right place a lot of measurements needed to be done. We attached steel plates with bolts to the reinforcement of the foundation. Soon after this, a very exciting day started for the team. Namely, the day that the concrete foundation was poured.

In the video Francesco, MOR’s team manager, will show you the construction site and the pouring of the concrete.

Once the concrete foundation was hardened, the prefab concrete structure was ready to come on site. In just one week time the complete structure was assembled by the team and with the help of 4 amazing profesionals. Krijn and Wim from Mammoet were in the lead of lifting and placing the concrete structure and Harry and Piet from JP van Eesteren | TBI were helping the team with all construction tasks. They brough and lifted tons of experience, enthusiasm, and passion, patiently teaching and guiding us through every step of the assembly of the prefab concrete structure from Wace | Concrete Valley.

This constuction update will end with a completly assembled prefab concrete structure. The MOR project is about learning by doing, and this period the student learned by lifting, bolting, and connecting!

As Wim said: “What a team!!”

Stay tuned for MOR news about our concruction as we will soon reach the highest point of our prototype! And not long after that the prototype will be opened on The Green Village in Delft on the 3rd of June!

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