MOR news // Reaching the highest point

The MOR team has reached the highest point during the construction of the prototype in Delft on The Green Village.

The MOR team has reached the highest point during the construction of the prototype in Delft on The Green Village. These past two weeks on the construction site were very exciting for the team and we definitely learned a whole lot about building a house. With the final prototype, the team will go to Hungary in July 2019 to participate in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 (SDE19), an international student competition for energy-efficient homes. In this MOR news, you will learn more about our second week of construction which was all about the assembly of the facade, starting on the outside deck and of course reaching the highest point of our building.

MOR reached the highest point

The facade modules have been completely prefabricated in the factory of De Groot en Visser. The modules got insulated and the windows by Metaglas were placed, they got delivered in these big white packs. This made the assembly on site very easy, it took us only 3 days to finish assembling the facade. While the modules were being made in the factory, the team attached brackets on the concrete structure where the facade will be attached to.

The big sliding windows give the residence of the prototype the opportunity to have them fully open and create an indoor patio and have a fresh breeze through the apartment. These windows are also super insulating to keep all the heat inside during the winter months. These two characteristics will keep the indoor climate comfortable and also save energy because you can cool your house down in a natural way and the heating demand in winter will be less. Next up, the facade will produce more energy then the building needs because PV panels will be used extensively on the facade. More about this and the solar chimney will follow in another MOR news.

Installing of the solar chimney

The prototype resembles a cut out of an office tower, because of this the ground floor is 1,5 meters above the ground. In order to access the appartment, we are building an outdoor deck. The deck is built out of modular wooden elements, which the team started to assemble on site last week.

This construction update will end with an assembled facade, making the team reach the highest point of the prototype. This is a real milestone for the team and we are very proud that we have reached it. MOR will continue to work very hard on the construction of the prototype to finish it in time for the opening on the 3rd of June. Ones again a big thank you to De Groot and Visser and Metaglas for helping us with making this part of the construction possible. Stay tuned for MOR news about our journey on the construction site.